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Rolfquo is well equipped to formulate new products and improve on existing ones. We investigate difficulties in a process, resolve such difficulties and improve on the overall processing of textiles. Using our experienced technical staff and capable equipment we are able to evaluate the operating parameters of a dyeing process (on site or your own facilities) such as the efficiency of detergents, leveling agents, carriers and many more. Our recommendations and suggested changes along with tracking of such changes have increased productivity, provided significant improvements in quality and important reductions of waste.

We are always at the forefront of current technical developments so that we can offer our clients optimal solutions.

Production Facilities

Production facilities

Rolfquo is highly sensitive to the accurate and consistent formulation of its chemicals. To that effect, we maintain a very efficient infrastructure for our Production. Our production facility is well outfitted with all equipment necessary for providing top quality products. We ensure that our mixers and boiler are operating at maximum efficiency and that our reactors and tanks are continuously monitored and well maintained. Also, provision for separate storage of chemicals in our warehouse allows for safety and the efficient retrieval of products when needed. Finally, we are very careful in reducing the wastewater discharge volume and the social and environmental impact of water in all our processes.

Quality Control

Our reputation for outstanding and consistent Quality is firmly established. Rolfquo adheres to strict quality policies and inspection procedures to ensure the integrity and regular consistency of all our textile chemical products.

Quality Control